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Public safety workers, military and intelligence personnel comprise unique tribes of human beings who run towards danger while others run away from it.  Yet, these groups are much more than a tribe, they comprise cultures.  As cultures, public safety workers, soldiers and operatives, have their own defined perspectives and experiences of life, the world, and the events that occur therein. They hold a deep sense of dedication and love for the work of the profession.  However, the work comes with a high price because it is often the unfortunate case that despite best efforts, lives and property are lost or severely damaged. 

The work of these professions takes its toll on mind, body, and soul of those dedicated to such service.  Some  make the ultimate sacrifice, dying in the line of duty.  Others, due to the intense stress reactions that can come from exposure to traumatizing events, suffer impairment of their physical health as well as deep psychological and spiritual wounding.  As a result of stress reactions from one or several traumatizing events over time, many public safety workers develop Posttraumatic Stress Disorder. 

As a 30 year EMT public saftey worker herself, Kat is a part of that culture. She is affectionally known as "Doc Kat," by her clients an patients.  This is because they know that she shares the pain personally of Trauma and how debilitating critical incidents can be. 

Dr. Kat has worked with individuals and families both inside and outside these fields of service who's work involves being directly in "Harms Way," since the late 1990s. She has successfully treated hundreds of soldiers and veterans from all five services, police fire men, women, and Emergency Medical Technicians, operatives from many different intelligence agencies, as well as their spouses and children. She treats Pilots and other civilian professions, that are also dangerous.

If you are such public service or are a defender, and you need help right away, please text her at 703-507-8856, or email her at 

Therapist, Traumatologist, Clinician 

Licensed Professional Counselor.
Emergency Medical Technician.

Dr. Katherine V. Rosemond, LPC, PhD

Kat specializes in treating Fire, Rescue, Military, Veterans Police, Pilots and Intelligence Operatives in for PTSD and other career related issues. 

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Dr. Katherine Rosemond, PhD, LPC, Dissertation:
"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Public Saftey Workers: Cultural Aspects and Implications for Effective 

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